Core Values

  • We value and accept each individual for who they are as God has made them;
  • We value the unique process each individual goes through to discover Gods will;
  • We value the use and development of individual gifts, talents and creativity for Gods glory;
  • We value integrity, authenticity, transparency and accountability;
  • We value encouraging and appreciating one another as a way of life;
  • We value and celebrate active participation in fellowship, service,
    and study as a means of growth;
  • We value servant-leadership and leadership by example;
  • We value reverence for God and respect for all people;
  • We value godly living expressed on an individual, family and community level;
  • We value excellence in both spiritual and natural endeavors;
  • We value generous giving of time, talents and treasures to provide ministry to those in need;
  • We value teaching Gods Word in a clear, relevant and compelling way;
  • We value having and displaying the same care one for another.