Chapter One – The Legacy of Prayer

Chapter One – The Legacy of Prayer

Legacy is defined as something (like a gift) handed down from one generation to the next.

Prayer is a gift and it is valuable. There is no greater privilege than for anyone to be able personally talk with and speak into the ears of Almighty God.

Abraham, Moses, David, Daniel, Nehemiah, Joseph, Jeremiah, and Hannah are biblical examples of people whose prayers left a legacy.

But Jesus is the best example of a model and master of prayer.

Hudson Taylor a missionary to China in the late 1800’s. It was said about him that, “for forty years the sun never rose on China a single day that God didn’t find him on his knees.”

Pray like a Chicago voter – early and often!

George Muller ran an orphanage and took care of over ten thousand children in his life. He kept detailed journals of prayers and at his death had over FIFTY THOUSAND documented specific answers to prayers! We have a legacy of prayer.

We are the next generation who must pick up the baton of intercession and pray.

“Prayer can accomplish what a willing God can accomplish.”


The disciples summarized their time with Jesus like this: Lord, teach us to pray.