Chapter Three – The Priority of Prayer

Chapter Three – The Priority of Prayer


Where have we established prayer as a priority in our lives?

“Prayer is like oxygen to our spiritual lives.”

In a foreign environment, with unknown hazards, you take your oxygen with you! You limit yourself and your activities to what you can do before your oxygen runs out!

Prayer is a big deal to God, it should be a big deal to us as well. It is NOT just a parachute to be only used in times of crisis or emergency.

Jesus prioritized prayer above all else. As a result, he prayed secretly and walked in spiritual power publicly. He said the church, his house, would be a house of PRAYER.

Prayer should not be an “add-on”, an afterthought, a bonus feature to what we are already doing.

Read selection from book: Pages 23 and 24.

When we make prayer the priority, EVERYTHING we do as believers can be better.

Read the instructions FIRST. Make sure you have all the pieces FIRST. See the vision, do the work…check the vision along the way…that is prayer.


The purpose of prayer is to bring God glory…but that is Chapter Four.