Chapter Two – The Power of Prayer

Chapter Two – The Power of Prayer

Discuss the trench warfare – choosing protection of mobility and making ground fighting seemingly endless. Until the tank, which had off road capability and provided protection for the troops.

Prayer is our armored tank. It is an offensive weapon that Paul taught us to use in Ephesians 6:18 in the armor of God discussion. Prayer is a forward moving force, a force that the gates of hell cannot withstand. (Matthew 16:18)

Paul used prayer as a battering ram that pushed him forward in pursuit of GOD’s WILL.

Prayer is like ordering from a catalogue. If the Word of God is His catalogue, what is available to us? Are we asking for stuff? Things? People? Or are we seeking Him, His ways, His character? The fruits of the Spirit should be primary, not secondary or “comes with” requests.

Prayer is an unlimited spiritual data plan. You cannot run out of minutes, experience slow or shut off data streaming…you are never out of range because we have privileged access to the God of the Universe, bought and paid for by the blood of Jesus.

You never have to worry about too many people accessing the network! You don’t have to hate your neighbor or demand that they “LOG OFF”!

Every one of us should be a spiritual “hot spot” allowing others to access the same spiritual network we are on! That is intercession!

Prayer is an exchange program. Beauty for ashes, dancing for mourning… joy for weeping. Peace for burdens. There is a reward for the time of intimacy we spend with God.

Prayer is like a standing 24/7 counseling session. No appointment needed. Walk ins accepted. We have access to our Counselor, the Holy Spirit, and there is wisdom, guidance, correction, encouragement, and peace awaiting us. Prayer allows us to rest, and trust.

There is POWER in prayer!