Daily Prayer Focus


Day 1,2 – January 7 & 8

Vision for 2019 individually and as a church body


For grace to repent and obey the Lord’s voice daily!


Increase in consistent tithing so that we can hire additional pastoral and administrative staff


Provision for the things that we need to accomplish His will


Pray for the $750,000 we need to purchase the building to come into the house


Healing for those suffering from any sickness (mental, physical or emotional)


Global Missions: Reach Up Reach Out, Uganda, Kenya, India, South Africa, Mexico


Restoration of relationships (family and friends)


Marriages (those already married, engaged and desiring a spouse)


Children (your own, godchildren, friend’s children, grand-children etc.)


Wisdom on how to accomplish what the Lord says to do


Forgiveness from all we have offended & for those who have offended us


Our service to the Lord through the church body and faithfulness


For the community we are to serve, the homeless and those in shelters


For our Pastors and their families, provision, and safety


For the calling on our lives and the character to be trusted to fulfill it


For the lost and un-churched that we have a heart to reach them