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Providing H.O.P.E. and supporting the vision by implementing programs, services, policies and procedures for daily operations. We strive to serve as a resource center that is fiscally responsible, informative, accurate, timely and professional.

  • arts-ministry

Arts & Entertainment

Using all facets of the Fine Arts as a tool of teaching Kingdom principles.We want to use all facets of Fine Arts as a tool of teaching Kingdom principles. We use Fine Arts to display the gospel within and beyond the four walls of the church. We strive to develop Kingdom ambassadors who are equipped to serve wherever their artistic gifts may lead them.

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Brother 2 Brother

Creating an age-appropriate educational environment that instills reverence for God a relationship with Jesus Christ, and responsibilities of Kingdom citizenship.

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Children’s Church

Creating an age-appropriate educational environment that instills reverence for God a relationship with Jesus Christ, and responsibilities of Kingdom citizenship.

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Convalescent Care

Spiritually uplifting, praying for, visiting and sharing hearts with the elderly, sick and shut-in where they are: be in nursing homes, hospitals, or in their private homes. We currently minister to the residents of Casitas Care Center.

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Helping individuals understand Christ as the highest counselor. We show them who they are in Christ, and help them understand the blueprint that God has for their lives.

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Dance Department

Ushering in the presence of God through various genres of dance. We offer God praise with the gift of dance. We endeavor to move under the authority of God’s spirit and in agreement with one another, bonded in prayer, reflecting God’s glory and power.

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G.I.R.L. Talk

Providing an outlet for girls to gather outside of church with other sisters. We provide a safe place that is set-up to provoke other mentoring relationships that would create a deeper thirst for God.

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H.O.P.E. Fellowship

Educating the Body of Christ on the biblical principles needed to live a successful and fruitful lifestyles as Kingdom citizens.

  • marriage-ministry2

H.O.P.E. for Marriage

Building, renewing, restoring and fostering Godly marriages by providing tools to address challenges and increase satisfaction within marriages.

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Serving God by serving others. We create an atmosphere where God’s unconditional love is demonstrated and embraces all.

  • man-2-man-ministry

Man 2 Man

Creating a brotherhood of men who love, fear, reflect and worship Jesus Christ. We cultivate, maintain and share personal relationships with God, through encouragement, accountability and fellowship.

  • maintenance

Maintenance Ministry

Effectively maintaining the cleanliness of God’s house. We ensure that the church is cleaned on a consistent basis.

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Me Management

Training, equipping and affirming young women as they grow and develop spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, professionally and personally in order to be used by the Lord.

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Media Department

Capturing the work and move of God at H.O.P.E.’s House. We establish professional, accessible, and appealing representations of H.O.P.E.’s House in various forms of electronic and printed media.

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Ministry Training

Transforming potential into effective service to God through education and foundational truths, principles and strategies.

  • outreach


Providing H.O.P.E. to others through short-term mission and outreach activities within the San Fernando Valley community and abroad.

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P.O.W.E.R. Team

Promoting prayer within the life of the church by being open and responsive to the working of the Holy Spirit. We pray that God’s love, guidance and healing power would be released. We also serve to connect one-on-one with individuals during their time of need.

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Sister 2 Sister

Creating an age-appropriate educational environment that instills reverence for God, a relationship with Jesus Christ and responsibilities of Kingdom citizenship.

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Diligently watching over all who come to worship. We provide an atmosphere of protection, security, order and civility in the House of God.

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Wealth Building

Restoring hope and faith while building wealth for the body of Christ as a whole. We teach biblical principles to help members remember that God gives us the power to get wealth.